Pyeong Chang Biennale

August 1, 2013
by admin
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Pyeong Chang Biennile, Mangsang Gallery Site

Through my time in Korea I have met some great people.  One of which, Changgeun Oh, a PHD student in DYROS (Dynamic Robotic Systems Lab) and an Assistant Professor at Sogang University had introduced me to the curators of the Pyeong Chang Bienniel, a biennial art gallery setup for the welcoming of the 2018 winter Olympic games in Pyeong Chang, South Korea.  Since I had one of my steel sculptures still being held by Professor Jungku Kim at Ewha, I was invited to be one of the artists at the gallery.  The areas given to us where 6×6 meters.  My installation was a series of works that describe the relationship between art and research.  Beginning with a sculpture that was done completely by hand and with just my concept, the series continued into the work done during my undergraduate thesis on using computation and 3D printing to create sculptures based on a combination of conceptual art and research ideas.  The final pieces were what I have recently been working on in my research lab.  They were generated completely on the computer and presented as prints with a lightbox behind.

When sending my sculpture from Seoul to Pyeong Chang there was no way the black ash coating would stay on, so I hired some metal workers to come out to the gallery space and just let me use the torch to do my finish.

Doing the finish on the sculpture for the pyeong chang biennale

The gallery had a large glass wall, and since the gallery curators wanted the space to be dark, they covered it up.  However, the color of the banner was pink, which gave a pink glow to all of the photos.  Either way, below are some shots of the gallery space.

The raw images I used for the lightbox’s are below.

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