Painting: A Physical Body

March 23, 2012
by admin
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For the past few months I have playing with an idea of paint being a physical body.  The idea started with my interest in how people paint.  When does someone choose a knife vs a paint brush.  What would happen if you were to remove the color and look at the thickness of the paint itself.  Would you get the outline of what the image is, would you see the last thing the artist did, do you loose the layers of reworking the image or do they appear more.  These questions are what inspired a piece im working on now that is incorporating these questions with accessible art galleries.  By casting paintings, I am able to remove the color and create a ‘sculpture’ from the painting.  This is a benefit to my main purpose now, which is to allow people to feel the painting.  Visual arts are difficult for the visually impaired to appreciate within the gallery settings.  By having the painting and its physicality available, the accessibility of the work increases and allows the visually impaired to enjoy the work in their own way.
These are some photos of the stars that I painted.  This is the first test to see how well the bronze can pickup the details from my molds.  I was surprised at the detail and how well the texture responds to touch.  There is some finish to refine, but for the most part I have resolved the workflow.

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