Contemporary Piano Photography

March 19, 2012
by admin
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George Crumb Is a contemporary composer who, as it turns out graduated from University of Michigan.  Awhile back I mentioned some people that crossed the line between visual arts and music.  Recently I have been introduced to a few contemporary piano composers.  While I still have a hard time hearing and understanding music,  I have come to enjoy some contemporary compositions.  The sheet music itself is unique, constructed in circular patterns instead of the linear bars.  The part that I find most appealing is the utilization of the entire piano to create sound. This includes knocking on the wood and plucking the interior strings.  Masters student JongSun Lee will be performing a variety of contemporary songs including ones using the interior strings.  I wanted to make a poster advertising for it and ended up doing a photoshoot in which I try and get the essence of song.  Below are the photos I took.

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