Smart Art Blog: 2011 Recap

January 1, 2012
by admin
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2011 was another adventurous year.  Besides for my traveling to southeast asia again, I have had my work shown in a few places.  I am writing this in part to have a post consolidating the highlights of this blogs work in the past year, as well as to finally give some link backs to the people kind enough share this blog.  I have been waiting to post this, as well as some other posts, so to keep with the logical flow of the blog, I am back-posting this a few weeks.  It is interesting to reflect on the past year, even further into the new year.

A while back I worked on an animation for PHD candidate Priscila Sato (now Dr. Sato).  Her research was published in Circulation Research and one of the images I created for her was selected for the cover.  Checkout the journal HERE .

My work Sculptural Motion was shown in downtown Chicago in a National BFA competition and published in a Lulu book available for purchase HERE.

The website Ponoko had also featured my work on their blog, and similar to this wrap-up, they had a Best of the blog series.  I was lucky enough they featured my work on their best of the blog Art.  Please checkout their blog and the unique services they have HERE .

For my more recent research I have been working with human movement visualization.  The University of Michigan had a Cyber Infrastructure conference in which I presented a poster of some of my early research.  The work I did, with the help of Janani Viswanathan and with guidance from Dr. Melissa Gross won the People Choice Award at the conference.  I have gained many connections through ORCI and have been actively working on ways for more Art&Architecture students to get involved with them.  Checkout the CI Days website and checkout the posters as well as the recordings of some amazing lectures HERE .

Lastly I wanted to mention DigitAG, a blog run by Andrea Graziano.  Andrea has a great following of a wide range of people.  You should really follow his blog as it is loaded with the newest and impressive projects/articles on technology, art, architecture, programming, etc.  Andrea puts out a pdf of his yearly blog which he was nice enough to include me in.  You can download his PDF and checkout his blog HERE .

Happy New Year!

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