Human Envelope Research

December 22, 2011
by admin
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This was a project done in Movement Science 437 taught by Dr. Melissa Gross. I went into the class with the intention of using motion capture to help understand human movement relative to space. During the class I met Janani Viswanathan, a graduate student in Mechanical Engineering. I was lucky enough that Janani offered to help with my research. After a motion capture session I rigged an old laser scan of myself and demonstrated a few techniques available for understanding and visualizing movement. Besides for the cool factor of a laser scan person moving, the reach envelope made sense because the motion capture and the character applied to it were of the same person. After the motion capture session Janani and I split tasks and she worked on a simple python script to plot xyz coordinates of possible reach envelopes. Janani incorporated a intersection box, angle step resolution, and joint limits. This allowed us to constrain the distance in which the arm moved due to muscle restrictions. This allowed for a comparative overlay of motion capture reach envelope and computational one.

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