Generative Computing: Origami Inspired Structure

October 26, 2011
by admin
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As the classes generative computing and digital fabrication begin to merge I have appropriated the latest project in generative computing to structural forms.  The classes are dealing with origami as an underlying aesthetic to structural creation.  In digital fabrication my team will be creating a self standing “big” structure that is created by individual components made of parallel pleated folds.  In generative computing our class went over python coding to create triangulation between splines.  The code is actually very simple and can create a variety of forms.  I used the code to triangulate between three splines with unique curves that share their endpoints on the same plane.  After exploring different methods that would allow for a reasonably sturdy structure to be free standing I brought the surface in 3D Studio Max.  With a few visualization tools I have learned throughout the years I explored the possibilities for how this type of structure would look.  While using a translucent material similar to the possibilities of plastic, I added aluminum struts that would make the form more structurally sound.  Below is an image of this visualization.

Origami Structure Parallel Pleats

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