Generative Computing: Origami Grasshopper

October 10, 2011
by admin
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The MS_DT program has a few required courses.  Generative Computing with Glenn Wilcox is one of these.  The course starts with introductions to programs and scripting environments in Rhino, and then turns into a joint project with Digital Fabrication.  As previously posted, the Digital Fabrication class started with a CNC Book box project.  The two classes will look at plastic folding and naturally we are looking at origami and scripting for creating planar surfaces that aggregate to something else by means of folds or slits.  This first image is the workflow from the grasshopper plugin into an octagon form.

Before this project we had been working with the Rhino plugin Paneling Tools.  Paneling tools is an easy way to create some surface variations.  Below is the form study and lasercut model that I used as a lamp shade.

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