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September 25, 2011
by admin
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Over the summer I spent two months in Chiang Mai Thailand.  I am an avid traveler and it is wonderful to have family living in Thailand, making it extremely accessible.  Last year I met Thailand artist Sirilak Samanasak(aka P’Boom) and have kept in touch with her since.  I was fortunate enough that she not only let me use her studio to do work all summer, but taught me the various techniques for hand-made jewelry.  This was a great experience since I have usually done larger and mid-size metal work.  I was also able to do this right before going to a new program on Digital Technology.

Some of my favorite parts to this experience was the use of traditional tools.  Not only did I learn handmade process in general, but using tools such as a wooden bench for wire drawing brought a more tacit knowledge of how small metals work.  The half silver/copper braided reversible ring was made completely by hand, including melting and pouring my own silver ingot and drawing and twisting the copper wire.

Here are some of the photos of the jewelry I designed and hand-made (with some help from P’Boom).
Make sure you checkout her work here :

Handmade asian jewelry design bangle
Handmade contemporary jewelry ring design braided metal

handmade contemporary half ring jewelry design

Handmade contemporary braided necklace design

Handmade thai asian jewelry necklace design

handmade custom gem necklace

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