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September 23, 2011
by admin
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I worked on this project with a small group of people from the even “Electronic Lunch” that I facilitated last year and will continue to do this year.  We have been given many compliments on the work as it was a project completely done on free time with a diverse group of people.  We are currently working on a collaboration with some other people to create version two.  For now, here is the video, and the youtube description is under.  Enjoy!

This project was a result of the conversations and get-togethers of Electronic Lunch.  Electronic Lunch is an event that occurs every wednesday from 12pm-1pm in Design Lab 1 at the Duderstadt center of University of Michigan.  With many projects dealing with Kinect hacks and a unique opportunity provided by the University of Michigan Transportation Institute, we were able to do full body laser scans and then CNC route a member of the group to be our Puppet.  The first public showing of this project was in april of 2011 during the “Michigan Meeting”.  Provost, Deans, and graduate students from 50 universities came to discuss the future of technology in art and education.  The full description of the michigan meeting can be found here:

After many hours laboring over this work, Teresa Dennis, Jason Prasad, and Mathew Schwartz completed a project that had been discussed and inspired by the diverse group of people in Electronic Lunch meetings.  None of this would be possible without the collaboration of unique minds gathering in one space.

Special thank you to Linda Knox who manages Design Lab 1 and started Electronic Lunch many years ago.

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