LED Keyboard

April 20, 2011
by admin
  • Transmission

Transmission Interactive Gallery InstallationWhile working on my thesis project I took on some roles for extra projects. In Design Lab 1 there is an event every week called Electronic Lunch in which I was hired to run this semester. At the end of the semester I thought it would be nice to display some of the work happening with the Electronic Lunch group and get some interest for next semester. Check out the blog: www.electroniclunch.wordpess.com

LED long exposure photograph

This is a video of the interactive keyboard we created. Some of my previous posts talk about the role of musician vs composer and this project came out of that type of conversation. As many people try to interpret sound into light, I was more interested in interpreting a composition into light and seeing the variance that a piano player puts into the piece. By having multiple pianists play the same piece and taking long exposure photographs, we can view 5-30 seconds of time within a single image.

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