Robosculpt: Minimal Waste Manufacturing

This project investigates the efficacy of using traditional sculpture techniques such as mold making with oil clay as a way to reduce waste in certain manufacturing situations. For demonstration, two molds were cut, the top and bottom half of a chair. Generic blocks of foam were used to fill a majority of the space, acting as an armature, to reduce the amount of clay needed to complete the mold. This also made the mold extremely light and easy to handle. Fiberglass was then layed up directly on the clay mold. The oil from the clay helped prevent the fiberglass from sticking, and any remaining clay was washed off.

This project was created by Mathew Schwartz and Jason Prasad under Professor Wesley McGee at the University of Michigan College of Architecture.

May 1, 2012
Mathew Schwartz | Robosculpt: Minimal Waste Manufacturing - Mathew Schwartz
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